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The Video Game

A Realistic Racing Simulation Based on Tunnel Boats and Hydroplanes

A multiplayer game including; American and European circuit and sprint racing, drag racing, marathons, open water free roam, mini games and scavenger hunts, custom racing setups, engine tuning, spectating, motorsport history, real race locations and bodies of water, real drivers and racing teams, real boat designs and race physics, racing videos and galleries, item unlocks, upgrades and much more.

Learn About The Boats You Can Race

The Boats

Tunnel Boat Terror plans to include five of the most well known categories in the A.P.B.A. and U.I.M.

Tunnel Boats, our main focus of the game, are an Outboard Performance Craft that are the fastest turning vehicles on the planet, turning more than 180° and pulling more than 4g's at speeds up to 220kph. These boats use Outboard Engines.

Unlimited Hydroplanes are the fastest boats in sanctioned competition and have been racing for over 100 years reaching upwards of 3000 horsepower. These boats use Jet Turbine Engines.

Stock Outboards are boats that do not have a safety cell encapsulating the driver and go up to 140kph with the driver in a kneeling position. This category features two hull types, Hydros and Runabouts. Runabouts have a "V" style hull and slice through the water rather than hydroplane over the water surface.

Professional Outboards are the largest, most popular and diverse category in the U.I.M. and A.P.B.A. The driver is in a lay-down position with no safety cell, going over 155kph reaching up to 13,000rpm. Boats weighing less than 250lbs and lengths up to 14' with engine and hull designs that can be heavily modified. Popular in Europe and America.

Offshore Powerboats are 40' or larger ocean-going vessels that weigh over 9,000lbs that typically compete in long distance point-to-point races. These vehicles feature two drivers; one that steers the boat called a wheelman, and one that handles acceleration called a throttleman.

Learn About The Physically Real Water

The Water

Built using the NEW Unreal Engine® water system included with 4.26!

Beautiful, lightweight, ultra-realistic and physical. Boats, buoys, debris and particles all interact with the water surface based on real buoyancy and physics.

During development we plan to take a "deep dive" into this system and make it one of the best features in the game. From rooster tails to boat wakes and water spraying on the windshield, it's gonna get wet!

Learn About The Race Modes

American & European Circuit Racing

A single or multi-directional race around a course marked out by buoys. No stopping for refueling. Fastest lap times determine starting positions. Players can choose the starting style of the race as well as many other race settings. Races can last up to 50 laps and you can compete in five different real U.I.M. and A.P.B.A. boat categories.

Race starting styles include:
1) Dock Start - Boat is at a dead stop. Fuel pump on only. A flag is dropped by an official. Boats may not start their engine and accelerate until the flag is in motion. Boats may not change lanes until after the commitment buoy.

2) Clock Start - Boats are allowed to be at full throttle coming down a straight away as a giant clock counts down from 10 seconds. Boats may not cross the starting line until the clock has elapsed or risk jumping the gun.

* Online Leaderboards, Online & Local Multiplayer (2-4 players)

More Race Modes & Mulitplayer

Multiplayer Racing


A point to point race with checkpoints following an elaborate river system. Lots of straight sections, sweeping arches and dicey turns. No laps. No refueling.
Players start from a dead stop.


A point to point race set in a straight line. No laps. No refueling. Boats crawl from an equal line position as a lightboard turns from RED to GREEN.


An endless circuit race meant to put even real racers of the sport through the ultimate endurance test. Adjustable Marathon settings include; distance, refueling, location, etc. Players start from the dock.


Explore the open water, play mini-games, tune your engine, customize your boat and race your way to the spoils of victory!


Improve your skills, upgrade equipment, tune your setup, customize your race team and lap the competition.


Unlock everything, save your loadout and play online against seasoned racers or start a career locally and become a Leaderboard Legend.

Lake & River Open Exploration

Small free roam worlds where you can explore and hunt for upgrades on different bodies of water including real lakes and rivers, each with different currents, water roughness, weather and unlockable items.
Buoy Busting & Arcade Games

Buoy Busting & Mini Games

Remember... The Throttle Works Both Ways.

Buoy Smash: Players will hit as many buoys as they can before the timer runs out.
Maintain Your Lane: Players will stay within the marker buoys without hitting them.
Razor's Edge: Players will negotiate razor sharp turns on a fast moving river while avoiding falling off the edge.

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Tunnel Boat Terror is an independent development that is currently looking for:
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